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The Bachelor Canada – Brad (Episode Six Recap)

Ah, fantasy dates. Where couples are placed in the most unrealistic, extravagant locales, in order to come down to earth and get the most clarity in these final oh-so-important moments. Go figure. Though I was initially surprised that Brad and the girls weren’t whisked off to exotic destinations to work on their tans and relationships … Continue reading

The Bachelor Canada – Brad (Episode Five Recap)

Borderline offended.  Borderline offended is how I felt watching this week’s episode.  How are we supposed to suspend our disbelief over the potential success rate and sanctity of these relationships when it is beyond preposterous that hometown dates are taking place on episode five?  I mean we already know that ultimately, this relationship will fail.  … Continue reading

The Bachelor Canada – Brad (Episode Four Recap)

If ridiculousosity is not a word, well, then, consider it one now. Really, Brad?  You’re on episode four and already scheduling hometown dates for next week when many of the girls have spent less time with you than it takes to grow back the hair they lost during last week’s epic shaving party?  Really? I’m … Continue reading

The Bachelor Canada – Brad: (Episode Three)

Why bother? Why bother following Brad as he inches his way closer to true love (or being bludgeoned by a stalker if he chooses Whitney), when we know in our heart of hearts that there is no friggin way it will last. In the last two weeks alone, we’ve discovered that Courtney (villainess extraordinare who … Continue reading