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The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Eight Recap

I remember when hometowns were fun.  When they were a no holds barred, gun-wielding dad shit show riddled with small town American clichés.  But somewhere along the way, people started using hometowns as an actual way to gauge their potential future success as a married couple, and now, some of the magic seems to be … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Two Recap

Well, the minute episode two opened with a shot of Sean in the shower…and then working out…and then in the shower…and then sporting a fresh V-neck…I knew we were in for some deep romantic connections.  And, I was right.  Obviously.  When am I not right?  Right??? It was nice to settle into the tried and … Continue reading

The Bachelor Canada – Brad (Episode Six Recap)

Ah, fantasy dates. Where couples are placed in the most unrealistic, extravagant locales, in order to come down to earth and get the most clarity in these final oh-so-important moments. Go figure. Though I was initially surprised that Brad and the girls weren’t whisked off to exotic destinations to work on their tans and relationships … Continue reading

The Bachelor Canada – Brad: (Episode Three)

Why bother? Why bother following Brad as he inches his way closer to true love (or being bludgeoned by a stalker if he chooses Whitney), when we know in our heart of hearts that there is no friggin way it will last. In the last two weeks alone, we’ve discovered that Courtney (villainess extraordinare who … Continue reading