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The Bachelor – Sean: The Women Tell All Recap

Well, now. What do we have here? Places everyone! Sixty year old lady in hot pink figure skating costume, complete with plunging neckline and sagging implants? You’ll do nicely in row number one. Disgruntled singletons perched atop tiny stools, crossing and uncrossing legs, in an effort to stay on said stools whilst avoiding cellulite patches … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Nine Recap

Well, what can I say?  The dream is gone.  I knew within a few minutes of the episode starting last night, that AshLee’s end was near.  And it made me so, very, sad. I knew it as soon as they replayed all those beautiful moments between them – the blindfold, him carrying her, her talking … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Eight Recap

I remember when hometowns were fun.  When they were a no holds barred, gun-wielding dad shit show riddled with small town American clichés.  But somewhere along the way, people started using hometowns as an actual way to gauge their potential future success as a married couple, and now, some of the magic seems to be … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Seven Recap

Ding, dong the witch is dead!  How many times have I typed that exact sentence, you ask?  Too many.  But also, not enough. Happy Valentine’s Week, peeps.  If this shit doesn’t put you in the mood for love, what does?  I’m proud to say that my gift this year was two-fold; 1) – my husband … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Three Recap

So I think we all settled in last night, hoping, quite frankly for some good old fashioned girl-on-girl violence. Yet once again, we fall for those evil genius Bachelor editors and wait patiently for someone to toss Tierra down the stairs, only to find out that the loser slipped on her own for attention.  I … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode Two Recap

Well, the minute episode two opened with a shot of Sean in the shower…and then working out…and then in the shower…and then sporting a fresh V-neck…I knew we were in for some deep romantic connections.  And, I was right.  Obviously.  When am I not right?  Right??? It was nice to settle into the tried and … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Sean: Episode One Recap

I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten those Bachelor butterflies and when I settled in for the premiere of Sean’s season, to be honest I didn’t know what I was more excited about; another whole nine weeks (give or take) of pure, glorious, trash TV or the fact that my … Continue reading