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The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Six Recap

There was no easing in last night, thanks to Kelsey’s dying cat impression almost causing me to spill my wine as I poured when she burst onto my screen. So in the same spirit, I’ll just jump in today, instead of starting off slow. This wasn’t exactly a ‘just the tip’ kind of episode. So … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Five Recap

Oh Dear. This is bad. Like, really, really bad. I’d venture to say I’m somewhat of an expert on this show, having blogged about it more than 100 times (#wootwoot? or #hangmyheadinshame? #Undecided). I’ve seen (and painfully analyzed) my fair share of crazy on this show, whether it’s the wanna-be sex kitten Elizabeth Kitt (remember … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Four Recap

I have to be honest. You guys deserve at least that. So here it is: I spent more time browsing the internet for chicken thigh marinades through this episode than I did paying attention to every little detail like I normally do. Bad blogger. Naughty blogger. But really? Can you blame me? You’d think with … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Three Recap

Are you there, God? It’s me, Babefromtheburbs, Thank you, God, for bringing the wonder that is Jimmy Kimmel into our lives, for one brief, fleeting moment.   Though his presence was brief, his legacy is everlasting. Honestly, where would we be without Jimmy? I’m already getting pretty bored watching Chris kiss everything with boobs – he … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Two Recap

So before I get into last night’s episode, let me say off the top that I am devastated by Josh and Andi’s breakup. WTF. Who knows if cheating allegations on either side are true but I really had high hopes for these two. The only logical reason for the break-up has to be her DIY … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode One Recap

Fine. So I’m a lying liar. I said last season that if Chris was chosen as The Bachelor this time around that I was pulling the shoot. Not interested. Dead to me. Moving on with my life. Done. Fast forward a few months, and lo and behold, here I am, eating my words and blogging … Continue reading