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Bachelor Ben 2012 – The Final Frontier

I set two goals for myself before last night’s finale began.  Do not feel bad for Courtney by the time this is all over and do not snack.  Wine obviously not included. I’m proud to say that I accomplished both of my goals.  Yes, of course there were moments when I felt a twinge of … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben 2012 – The Women Tell All

Let’s be honest here, people.  There isn’t that much to say about The Women Tell All.  Yes, there were moments when I had the pause the TV every three seconds to make sure I captured every last detail of this madness, but there were other times, where my fingers cramped from hovering over my keyboard … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Nine

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to Me-EEEE, Happy birthday to me! Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I have something else I need to get off my chest.  I never thought this would be the forum to express these feelings, and part of me thinks I should just … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Eight

Ah…hometown dates.  You never know what kinda whack jobs you’re (hopefully!) gonna get once you’re invited into the ‘real’ worlds of these contestants, however tonight seemed to be pretty whack job free!  Since my day tomorrow will begin with a husband out of town who usually handles the kids Tuesday mornings so I can get … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Seven

So of course this being episode # Lucky 7, I’m wondering if we’ll be lucky enough to rid the world of the virus that is Courtney within a two hour span.  Or if we’ll be lucky enough for the cameraman to run out of tape just as Ben leans in to kiss the various girls … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Six

Usually I have the night to sleep on the episode…to absorb it in all its glory and let my analysis fester inside me until it explodes at an ungodly hour the next morning at work before anyone trickles in. But, a commitment downtown early tomorrow is forcing me to dive right in now when I … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode 5

Warning:  This blog may suck balls. Honestly, I have nothing.  I think it’s fair to say at this point, five episodes in, that Ben might just be the worst bachelor in bachelor history.  I sat there last night in a panic, wondering what the hell I’m gonna write about this morning and here I sit … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Four

I’m starting to panic, peeps.  I’m waiting and waiting for this season to get better and it’s just not happening.  Usually by now, I have abandoned any pre-established feelings towards the bachelor or bachelorette and have become their advocate.  I distinctly remember that by Episode Two of Brad’s season, I was over the whole sloppy … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Three

Wow.  Was anyone else completely spent last night? I mean seriously, there were moments where I just sat there transfixed, fingers hanging precariously above my keyboard, wanting to type but powerless to move as I sat mesmerized by the sheer ugliness of some of last night’s behaviour (and Jaclyn obviously). Between the collective assault of … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Two

So my first thought last night was that wow, we’re steppin it up a bit here peeps.  Going on a little vaca right off the bat instead of holding the girls hostage in Liberace’s playground for a few weeks before jetting off to some exotic locale. And Sonoma, no less.  Ben’s stomping ground.  Isn’t that … Continue reading