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The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 5 Recap

A full two hours of Bachelor last night and honestly? I took less than two pages of notes. The first bullet was the obvious – Viva La Mexico? It seemed to be rolling off peoples’ tongues like a trending hashtag, and I’m no linguistic genius (I sort of am, actually), but I’m pretty sure that … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 3 Recap

K so let’s see how this goes. First of all, I know I’m late. It’s not quite as worrisome as a late period in eleventh grade, but I get it – you’re pissed. Secondly, I friggin’ hate my PVR. It’ll tape re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians (oh Kim…remember when you were the most … Continue reading

Thoughts on…stuff

I’ve been debating writing this post all week.    Every time I’ve had a chance over these past few days, I tell myself to get going and write it.  Not so much because Ashley and JP’s wedding is that big of a deal, but because, as you know, I make promises to myself (and to you) … Continue reading

Girls Gone Mellow

There’s nothing quite like a weekend away from it all… The piece below about my recent weekend away with the girls, ran today on “So what time should we go?” “Mummy, look at my tower!” “Hmm…Anything later than three and we’ll get screwed by cottage traffic.” “MUMMY!  I saaaaiiiiiiddddd look at my tower!” “Okay – don’t … Continue reading

Hello world! Is there anyone out there???

 So here I am.  Blogging.  I gotta admit, I’m kind of excited.  I mean, I’ve always wanted to write so it’s no surprise that I’ve ended up here – actually, it’s more of a surprise that it took this long.  I’m very new to this and technologically challenged to say the least, so you’ll have … Continue reading