I’m a busy working mom of two, with a serious addiction to home decor and HGTV, food in general, and (fine, I’ll admit it) reality TV (could be worse, no?)  For now, this blog is my way of satiating my life-long dream of writing without having to exercise any actual self-discipline.  What started out as Facebook rants about the TV show The Bachelor has now (hopefully!) become something more – but don’t worry, I’ll still be front and centre to mock those that insist on searching for love as the world watches and cringes.  Follow me as I make fun of reality TV stars while safely hiding behind my computer and do a bit of the mommy blog thing with recipes, favourite products and so on…


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I somehow stumbled upon your most recent blog, and I was laughing out loud…. as a closet bachelor/bachelorette viewer – I feel like I have a friend to disect each episode with now!! When you talked about the chocolate chips – I was right with you!!! you woudn’t believe the concoctions I have made with my baking staples in desperation 🙂
    You are witty and articulate, which is high praise for writing about reality TV…I look forward to sharing this season with you. Thanks for writing.

  2. You are gifted. From one Canadian reality-tangled gal to another……….really glad I tripped over this blog…:) I have now managed to waste 2 entire hours reliving Bachelor memories — how fun is that!

  3. This is exactly how my girlfriend and I talk about shows like this….evil…bitchy…I love it!!! Laughed my ass off while reading this! Keep it comin’ honey!

  4. I watch the show with my wife and we couldn’t agree with you more! We both hated how Chris turned Ashley I’s words around and made it her problem that she told him all the girls thought Kelsey is fake. He’s a total douchebag. Ashley deserves way better…actually all the girls do bcuz Chris is as boring, mean, dense and as disconnected as a fallow Iowa corn field in winter!!

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