Posted in August 2012

Bachelor Pad Three – Episode Six

Sup, peeps. So last night’s episode wasn’t as exciting and riveting as last week’s but it certainly had its moments, no?  I was expecting some light to be shed on certain issues that surfaced, such as Kalon being in love for real for the first time, or delving into the situation between Jaclyn and Ed, … Continue reading

Bachelor Pad Three – Episode Five

Hello dear friends, how I’ve missed you so!  I managed to survive my week away and I have to admit, coming home and watching last week’s PVR’d episode yesterday as a mere fan, without my laptop burning a hole into my uterus, was kinda nice.  Sure, I managed to fold seven loads of laundry while … Continue reading

Bachelor Pad Three – Episode Three

Okay clearly somebody upstairs does not want me to watch Bachelor Pad.  For the third week in a row, I experienced technical difficulties – this time a faulty PVR recording – which left me missing twenty full minutes of the beginning of the show.  Thankfully, my very own Super-Fans saved the day giving me the … Continue reading