Posted in June 2012

The Bachelorette – Emily: Episode Seven

This write-up could go one of two ways;  I could either deliver short, witty remarks generated by the one or two borderline amusing moments of last night’s episode, resulting in a leisurely read to be enjoyed over morning coffee or I could do my usual – overcompensate for the total lack of anything amusing by … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Emily: Episode Six

Top of the morning to ya! This week was full of surprises, no?  Little Ricki was finally sent back to Oz, leaving us blissfully in the company of adults only.  The promise of some action teased us all the way to Dubrovnik, Croatia (a place where I am dying to go – hint hint, Honey).  … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Emily: Episode Five

Holy crap, this is long. Okay so first things first.  I am a douche bag.  Can girls be douche bags?  What is the female equivalent?  Is it one word or two?  So many important questions before 7:30 AM even hits! Here is why I am a douche bag.  Not that it matters at this point, … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Emily: Episode 4

Let’s see now, where were we?  I believe we left off last week with Arie being a clear front runner, Blaine sporting lip gloss, Joe ugly-crying his way back to loneliness and Emily having a clearer picture of what she’s looking for…thanks to her being able to see her reflection in the foreheads of every … Continue reading