Posted in January 2012

Bachelor Ben – Episode 5

Warning:  This blog may suck balls. Honestly, I have nothing.  I think it’s fair to say at this point, five episodes in, that Ben might just be the worst bachelor in bachelor history.  I sat there last night in a panic, wondering what the hell I’m gonna write about this morning and here I sit … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Four

I’m starting to panic, peeps.  I’m waiting and waiting for this season to get better and it’s just not happening.  Usually by now, I have abandoned any pre-established feelings towards the bachelor or bachelorette and have become their advocate.  I distinctly remember that by Episode Two of Brad’s season, I was over the whole sloppy … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Three

Wow.  Was anyone else completely spent last night? I mean seriously, there were moments where I just sat there transfixed, fingers hanging precariously above my keyboard, wanting to type but powerless to move as I sat mesmerized by the sheer ugliness of some of last night’s behaviour (and Jaclyn obviously). Between the collective assault of … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode Two

So my first thought last night was that wow, we’re steppin it up a bit here peeps.  Going on a little vaca right off the bat instead of holding the girls hostage in Liberace’s playground for a few weeks before jetting off to some exotic locale. And Sonoma, no less.  Ben’s stomping ground.  Isn’t that … Continue reading

Bachelor Ben – Episode One

Oh hey there.  Remember me?  The girl who promised that despite Bachelor Pad ending, I would still find the time, the discipline and the commitment from deep within to continue writing in between seasons?  To enter into unchartered non-reality-TV-based content focused on (gasp!) actual reality?  Well, guess what?  Here’s some reality for you.  I’m busy.  … Continue reading