Posted in August 2011

The Bachelor Pad (Season 2), Episode 4

So, just as I guessed last week (not that it takes a genius, mind you), the über-climactic end to last week’s episode revealed a not-so-climactic beginning to last night’s fun.  Gnomeo, by the skin of his halitosis-laden teeth managed to squeak by another rose ceremony unscathed and Jake left with his version of a dramatic … Continue reading

The Bachelor Pad (Season 2), Episode 3

Let me tell you – I have never felt such a lack of confidence as I do right now reporting on Bachelor Pad.  After last night’s debacle with Chris Harrison cutting out early just as he said Kasey’s name, I am pretty sure that Jake was sent home, but gotta say, I could be wrong! … Continue reading

The Bachelor Pad (Season 2) Episode Two

Let me preface this post by saying that my back is in full spasm.  FULL lock-down.  After sitting at a desk all day working, when I can literally barely walk, the last thing I should be doing, is taking my laptop over to my couch for yet another awkward sitting position to watch this show.  … Continue reading