Posted in July 2011

The Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode Nine

Last night was difficult for a couple of reasons.  First, because this season is just slowly KILLING me and second because for some reason last night my husband decided to look up from the iPad and actually become interested in the show, about nine episodes too late.  So like an incessant mosquito buzzing in your ear the … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode Seven

Better late than never? I have to admit, I was very stressed about this week’s update. Here I am at the cottage, with no internet and my choice of Oliver’s coffee shop or Ye Old Neighborhood Laundromat for WiFi this morning. Not to mention my kids in the background begging for attention as I type … Continue reading

A Bird’s Eye View of Bachelor Pad 2

Since we were spared two hours of Ashley last night, I felt rejuvenated enough to blog regardless, this time on something we’re all totally excited for – the social experiment that is Bachelor Pad 2.  I have mixed emotions about Season 1, which you can read all about here.  Obviously we all had extremely high … Continue reading