Making friends with salad actually requires salad…a continuation…

Some of you have been asking me what type of salads I serve with my beyond fabulous dressings so here goes.  I change it up all the time, but here are my always-in-my-fridge staples plus a few more ideas that always kick it up a notch.

I always have on hand:

  • a can of chickpeas
  • a can of sliced beets – the best. They honestly don’t taste that different AT ALL from fresh roasted beets that take forever to make, not to mention stain everything. Seriously, a can of no name sliced beets. So good for you, so easy and people are impressed with beets for some reason
  • The baby arugula/spinach blend are my green(s) of choice. They don’t go bad/slimy at all compared to field greens or other blends and both spinach and arugula are so, so good for you.  On The Biggest Loser, super-hottie chef Curtis Stone said something like ‘eating arugula is so healthy you actually burn calories eating it”.  It wasn’t exactly that but it was close.  And really, he can say anything he wants to in that glorious Aussie accent. 
  • Avocado. Obviously. Life is just better with avocado
  • Goat cheese.  Yum
  • Pine nuts, sunflower seeds or something crunchy
  • Grilled asparagus.  Toss some asparagus with salt and pepper, and broil in your toaster oven for about ten minutes, turning once.  Just makes it feel fancy and who doesn’t love grilled veggies?  They go especially well with the basil vinaigrette.  As mentioned this dressing is so flavourful it doesn’t need much, so often I’ll just do the greens with the dressing, goat cheese, tomato and the asparagus.  Done and done
  • Mushrooms.  Sometimes fresh, sometimes sauteed in a touch of thyme, salt, pepper, and white wine.  Obviously, wherever mushrooms are present, insert goat cheese.  Duh!  BTW did you know that Crimini mushrooms (brown) taste way better (in my humble opinion) and earthier than button mushrooms (white) and are usually the exact same price in the grocery store?  Next time you automatically go for the white ones when shopping, switch it up and try criminis.  I actually think criminis are mini portobellos but don’t quote me…
  • Sugar snap peas – so delicious and particularly yummy with hard boiled egg, chickpeas, avocado, cucumber, feta and the greek vinaigrette
  • Grape tomatoes – perfectly sweet



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