Posted in June 2011

Girls Gone Mellow

There’s nothing quite like a weekend away from it all… The piece below about my recent weekend away with the girls, ran today on “So what time should we go?” “Mummy, look at my tower!” “Hmm…Anything later than three and we’ll get screwed by cottage traffic.” “MUMMY!  I saaaaiiiiiiddddd look at my tower!” “Okay – don’t … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode Four

Before I even get into last night’s episode of The Bentleyette, let me just say that I’m confused.  When I heard (and saw) that Ashley was on Jimmy Kimmel last week following the horrifically embarrassing episode in which Bentley leaves her with a dot dot dot and a dream, it just didn’t make sense.  Isn’t … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode three

It was a rough week for dancers and dentists everywhere.  After a minor emergency at 8:06 when I noticed my PVR wasn’t recording the show for some reason, I ran upstairs and thankfully, caught the first six minutes from my bedroom PVR (yes, upstairs too – stop judging me).  Then back down to get comfy … Continue reading

Make Friends with Salad

I love salad.  And I’m not talkin’ about your basic cucumber and Ranch dressing concoction.  Nosiree.  I am a salad connoisseur.  An artiste, if you will.  And don’t worry, I’m not one of those ‘side salads will fill me right up at a restaurant’ kinda gals.  Oh no.  This girl can EAT.  So when I say I … Continue reading