Hello world! Is there anyone out there???

 So here I am.  Blogging.  I gotta admit, I’m kind of excited.  I mean, I’ve always wanted to write so it’s no surprise that I’ve ended up here – actually, it’s more of a surprise that it took this long.  I’m very new to this and technologically challenged to say the least, so you’ll have to bear with me.  I’ve actually been playing around on this blog for a while, trying to get comfortable before I unleash this link to the world.  So far, I sorta got it.  Sorta.

So I guess now’s the time to tell you about me, right?  In a nutshell, I’m a busy working mom of two, with a serious addiction to home decor and HGTV (I love you Sarah Richardson – call me!) and (fine, I’ll admit it) – reality TV (could be worse, no?).  For now, this blog is my way of satiating my life-long dream of writing without having to exercise any actual self-discipline.  What could be better? 

What started out as casual, yet long-winded Facebook rants about the TV show The Bachelor has now (hopefully!) become something more.  All of a sudden, I started to have (gulp) fans!  People that didn’t even know me wanted to read my thoughts about The Bachelor!  Friends’ colleagues eagerly awaited a copied document of my weekly postings in their inboxes because they weren’t my Facebook friends!  The love was overwhelming and propelled me to finally do something about it.  So thanks, friends.  Thanks for the encouragement, the affirmation that I am in actual fact, a funny chick, and thanks for the death threats because I haven’t posted my Bachelor updates by a certain time every Tuesday. 

I’ll definitely be doing the mommy thing on this site – you know recipes, favourite products, general rants about life, etc.  How can I not when my kids are my life and I spend the majority of my time chatting to my girlfriends about what to make for dinner?  But don’t worry, I remember my roots and I’ll still be front and centre to mock those that insist on searching for love as the world watches and cringes. 

Follow me as I make fun of reality TV stars from the safety of my computer, share my obsessions, and most of all, try to just keep writing.   And if you’re one of those friends-of a friend-of a friend who reads my Bachelor notes, then hey!  It’s great to meet you – stick around!


4 thoughts on “Hello world! Is there anyone out there???

  1. Sher… good luck.. Cant wait to hear about the bachelorette… Im such a sucker for ANY reality tv!!! xoxo

  2. Finally! “Blog” might as well be your middle name.
    Now instead of calling you, I can read your rant.
    Can you talk about Survivor?
    Can we complain about work?

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