Posted in May 2011

Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode Two

I’m getting nervous.  Nervous that this season is so brutal, that I will actually not be able to come up with enough material to warrant this blog.  It’s only episode two and I already don’t know how much more b-roll I can watch of her sitting on a lounger lost in thought.  How much footage … Continue reading

The Bachelorette – Ashley – Episode One

Should I lie and say there was a small part of me that wasn’t planning on watching because of who the bachelorette was and the potential for boredom this season had?  Sure.  I could.  But we’ve all made that promise to ourselves, or our friends, only to be immediately called out when Monday night rolls … Continue reading

Hello world! Is there anyone out there???

 So here I am.  Blogging.  I gotta admit, I’m kind of excited.  I mean, I’ve always wanted to write so it’s no surprise that I’ve ended up here – actually, it’s more of a surprise that it took this long.  I’m very new to this and technologically challenged to say the least, so you’ll have … Continue reading


Usually the ‘women tell all’ episode is an annoying time filler designed to draw out the weeks the Bachelor can run, but gotta say last night’s episode provided me with several actual moments of entertainment.  Right at the beginning Chris opened with what surely weighed heavily on all of our hearts when the season began … Continue reading


Okay we’re getting down to the wire here people, and last night’s episode left me sadly lacking in some material.  Let’s make the best of it shall we, and see what I can come up with.  The introductory scene showed us Brad packing up several suitcases (good or you, Brad, for not travelling like a … Continue reading


After a fantastic family day, the icing on the cake last night was a glass of shiraz (okay, two), my laptop and Brad’s hometown dates.  Initially, I thought for sure we’d be saying goodbye to Ashley last night, but I think it was pretty clear after Shawntel showed Brad his eternal resting place inside a … Continue reading


Ding Dong the witch is dead!!!  Who cares if my predictions from last week were slightly off?  She’s gone, gone, gone!   We are getting very close to the end people!  And just in time for me to say goodbye to my leisurely Tuesday morning coffee/typing breaks during morning nap.  Sadly my mat leave will be … Continue reading


Watching the Bachelor drama unfold against the backdrop of lush greenery, incredible volcanoes and picturesque waterfalls brought me back to my own honeymoon in this beautiful country.  I remember like it was yesterday, when the helicopter came directly to my Costa Rican villa to pick me and Mike up…oh wait, we’re real people…we took five … Continue reading


Sorry about last week, peeps.  Back with a bang.  Husband still out of town.  Baby no longer puking out of both ends.  Order is somewhat restored. First couple things I noticed right off the bat were 1) Does Chris Harrison think he’s Cam from Modern Family with his turned-back floral cuffs?  And more importantly 2) … Continue reading