The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 8 Recap

  Another Monday, another episode, another step closer to Ben having a complete and total mental breakdown because he is legit in love with two women and is about to tell them both – gasp! – before the final rose is handed out.  Isn’t that like, a Bachelor federal offense?!? I’ll be honest with you … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 7 Recap

Well, well, well… It seems like years since my last post. Maybe that’s because between my Episode 5 recap and now, I’ve worked a million-hour work-week only to wrap it up with a three-day 103˚ fever marathon from my youngest (still goin!), or maybe because so much has happened since then.  I’m talking about the … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 5 Recap

A full two hours of Bachelor last night and honestly? I took less than two pages of notes. The first bullet was the obvious – Viva La Mexico? It seemed to be rolling off peoples’ tongues like a trending hashtag, and I’m no linguistic genius (I sort of am, actually), but I’m pretty sure that … Continue reading

the Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 4 Recap

I’m not going to apologize every week. I can’t do it. I’m not going to go through this emotional roller coaster of guilt and anxiety because I can feel you refreshing your mouse (is it still mice when you’re talking about computers?), waiting for my sacred words to fill your screen and give you a … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 3 Recap

K so let’s see how this goes. First of all, I know I’m late. It’s not quite as worrisome as a late period in eleventh grade, but I get it – you’re pissed. Secondly, I friggin’ hate my PVR. It’ll tape re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians (oh Kim…remember when you were the most … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 2 Recap

So here’s the thing, guys. I didn’t necessarily see this coming, with Ben being adorable and a former basketball and football star and all, but there’s simply too much evidence already to ignore that fact that Ben, in actual fact, is a super-tall, whiter-than-white, nerd. Before you go and get all ‘oh no you DI-int’ … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H, Episode One Recap

Are you there, guys? Or have you totally given up on me? It’s okay. I’ll understand if I’ve lost you forever. I mean what kind of blogger doesn’t…well…blog? The really lazy kind? Perhaps. The really busy kind? No doubt. The kind that needed a cleanse after the disaster that was Chris Soules and the break-up … Continue reading