The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 5 Recap

A full two hours of Bachelor last night and honestly? I took less than two pages of notes. The first bullet was the obvious – Viva La Mexico? It seemed to be rolling off peoples’ tongues like a trending hashtag, and I’m no linguistic genius (I sort of am, actually), but I’m pretty sure that … Continue reading

the Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 4 Recap

I’m not going to apologize every week. I can’t do it. I’m not going to go through this emotional roller coaster of guilt and anxiety because I can feel you refreshing your mouse (is it still mice when you’re talking about computers?), waiting for my sacred words to fill your screen and give you a … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 3 Recap

K so let’s see how this goes. First of all, I know I’m late. It’s not quite as worrisome as a late period in eleventh grade, but I get it – you’re pissed. Secondly, I friggin’ hate my PVR. It’ll tape re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians (oh Kim…remember when you were the most … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H: Episode 2 Recap

So here’s the thing, guys. I didn’t necessarily see this coming, with Ben being adorable and a former basketball and football star and all, but there’s simply too much evidence already to ignore that fact that Ben, in actual fact, is a super-tall, whiter-than-white, nerd. Before you go and get all ‘oh no you DI-int’ … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Ben H, Episode One Recap

Are you there, guys? Or have you totally given up on me? It’s okay. I’ll understand if I’ve lost you forever. I mean what kind of blogger doesn’t…well…blog? The really lazy kind? Perhaps. The really busy kind? No doubt. The kind that needed a cleanse after the disaster that was Chris Soules and the break-up … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Six Recap

There was no easing in last night, thanks to Kelsey’s dying cat impression almost causing me to spill my wine as I poured when she burst onto my screen. So in the same spirit, I’ll just jump in today, instead of starting off slow. This wasn’t exactly a ‘just the tip’ kind of episode. So … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Five Recap

Oh Dear. This is bad. Like, really, really bad. I’d venture to say I’m somewhat of an expert on this show, having blogged about it more than 100 times (#wootwoot? or #hangmyheadinshame? #Undecided). I’ve seen (and painfully analyzed) my fair share of crazy on this show, whether it’s the wanna-be sex kitten Elizabeth Kitt (remember … Continue reading

The Bachelor – Chris: Episode Four Recap

I have to be honest. You guys deserve at least that. So here it is: I spent more time browsing the internet for chicken thigh marinades through this episode than I did paying attention to every little detail like I normally do. Bad blogger. Naughty blogger. But really? Can you blame me? You’d think with … Continue reading